Monday, June 11, 2007

Nothing like a ball game...

...for getting 3 solid hours of knitting done. Hockey would be best, but since it's June, I must watch baseball instead. In any event, my second attempt at my Harry Potter hat was much better than the first. Restarted shortly after my last post and then finished it off over the weekend. This was my progress somewhere toward the beginning of the Yankees game:

And then around the 7th or 8th inning:

Haven't gotten around to taking pictures of the finished product yet (which is very cute, I should note), but since that was such a quick knit, I decided to get started on a second one this morning. It seems fitting that I'll be spending my commutes alternating between knitting these hats and re-reading all the Harry Potter books.

Friday, June 8, 2007

The Knitting on the Bus

...goes round and round. Except that it went round in the wrong direction!! My Harry Potter hat is off to a bad start. I forgot that dpn's can be tricky in the beginning. Stopped partway through a row and when I picked it up I somehow got the rows inverted. So I ended up going back and re-knitting the part I had just done and not finishing the remainder of the row. (Notice in the picture that the top section is a couple of rows shorter than the rest.)

Another thing I have to figure out is how to prevent this...

...from happening again. I'm knitting in the round, but the beginning and end of my rows are pretty darn far apart. Oh well, time to unravel.