Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Rosy Striped Scarf
2002?/2003? - unfinished
  • Type: circular knitting
  • Stitch/Pattern: stockinette
  • Needle: size 6
  • Yarn: Lion Brand "Wool-Ease" (Blush Heather and Rose Heather)

Rosy Striped Scarf

Rosy Striped Scarf

This is a project I've been working on for quite a few years now. The good news is I think that I'm almost done. I wanted something really warm and cozy and I still hadn't figured out a way around the dreaded curling problem, so circular knitting seemed the best way to go. Automatic double layer and no misbehaving edges to worry about! My circular knitting looks more like box knitting since I had to use double-pointed needles (they just don't make circular needles short enough!), but I think it's more fun this way. Plus it's much easier to keep track of where the rows start and end, not to mention the fact that it confuses the heck out of people on the train, ha.

P.S. I finished my other scarf on Monday! Pictures to come soon...


Yvo said...

But... I have nothing to comment on. I don't knit nor do I even really get it o_o

Swan said...

you're still making it? it must be really long now

lohi looking for love said...

I started with the stockinette stitch for a skinny scarf and it has a huge curling problem.. It looks like a tube..
But, this idea is really useful..
(Knitting Beginner)