Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Evening Out

...or 'A Knitting Miracle'
...or 'The Wonders of Wool'

I was all set to write about my pink striped scarf and was planning to rant about the stripes being uneven--but they're not anymore! It's like magic. Basically, I finished the scarf last month and blocked it and everything. When I was working on the tassels, I realized that the stripes at one end of the scarf were noticeably wider than the other end. Apparently I'm a tighter knitter now than I was four years ago. It annoyed me very much, but my efforts to get the smaller side to stretch didn't do much good, and I decided there was nothing left to do but accept the imperfection and pretend it gave the scarf character.

So I grabbed the scarf today to take a picture of it in all its tassel-y glory. The tempurature suddenly dropped by 50 degerees so I've been wearing it the past couple of days. Of course I found myself critically eying the blocks of color, except now the two ends lined up perfectly! I guess I don't have enough knitting experience to be able to explain this phenomenon, but I can't complain. On to the pictures...

rosy striped scarf

Rosy Striped Scarf
2002?/2003? - December 2006
  • Type: circular knitting
  • Stitch/Pattern: stockinette
  • Needle: size 6
  • Yarn: Lion Brand "Wool-Ease" (Blush Heather and Rose Heather)
As I mentioned, I did circular knitting to make this scarf, so in essence it's a big tube that's been flattened out. 420 rows of 64 knit sts. (it's much easier to count rows when you have blocks of color). One good thing about the double-layer is that I was able to hide the trail of yarn that formed from switching colors on the inside. And I added the tassels--using a crochet hook to pull the yarn through--to keep the two layers together. Aren't they cute?



six2six said...

kawaii! once again, i've stopped knitting. but seeing your finished products is a great motivater. =D

Yvo said...

I like it, it's cute and love the tassels. It's warm, too? you make me almost want to knit. Almost. (I'd much rather work on my blog hobby, eating.)

Jared said...

I like the style of this one, but the color of the blue one more. But then again, blue is by far my fave color.

Tell you, the thing for the Merchant Marines and stuff! ;p

And I'll trade ya, blog for blog (