Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Perfect Office Plant

  • Does not require watering!
  • Does not require sunlight!
  • Can survive in any climate!
I present to you...

...the knitted cactus

(posed ever so elegantly in front of a stack of folders)

  • Type: knit
  • Stitch/Pattern: pattern found in "Funky Knits" by C. Meldrum & J. Marchington
  • Needle: size 6
  • Yarn: Lion Brand "Wool-Ease" (Seaspray)
Sure it doesn't add anything to the air quality in here, but at least I don't have to worry about it dying on me. (Yes, I have killed cacti before. Three to be exact.) And this was a very quick knit. It took all of, what, 2 hours to make? I had some green yarn I bought for a yet-to-be-made project (you'll hear that a lot from me) and was happy to discover that I already had the perfect beads waiting to be used in my little bead stash. It took me a while to hunt down the mini terra cotta pot though (to give it some authenticity, you know). If I get bored enough, I might make the other variety they have in the book. We shall see...


Yvo said...

some sandy soil in the bottom, too? that's cute, i like it!

Jared said...

OK, that's pretty kick ass. What's holding it up inside? I'm able to keep one of my plants in my office alive but I tried to grow some rosemary, basil and cilantro and the rosemary held out, but that died too, so I'm back to just my big lily plant which is surrounded by Transformers.

six2six said...

aw, it's really cute! can you make me a knitted narcisus plant?