Friday, May 18, 2007

Test #1: Complete!

Armwarmers test #1 is finished! I was so excited I didn't even bother blocking it or finding a ribbon. Leftover yarn works just fine. This is such a cute pattern; I can't get over it. Though I think I will have to tweak it a bit first before I move on to phase 2. I was a bit nervous while I was knitting, because although the pattern said that it would stretch, it just looked way to small to go around my arm. But it seems to be a good fit and I haven't even blocked yet. Though I do kind of feel like I'm losing circulation now... Of course I am, in effect, wearing a corset around my hand. Take a look!


six2six said...

cuuuuute! i want! now!!


Swan said...

that's so hot!!! I want a pair of black ones!

Anonymous said...

If I provide you with Kevlar thread, will you make me a pair? 0=D