Friday, February 1, 2008

So Many Projects, So Little Time

1. The reversible Rangers scarf is finally coming along slowly but surely now. But remind me never to do reversible anything bigger than a potholder. This is taking forever!!

2. I decided that one can never have too many fingerless mitts, so I did a search on Ravelry and thought the Axel mitts were really cool. The cuff idea is awesome! It's like the layman's convertible mittens, ha! But I wanted to knit from my stash, so I'm doing my own variation of it with good 'ol worsted weight yarn.

3. Also started Argosy a couple of months ago, but kinda forgot about it for a while... I also forgot to take pictures of it.

4. Short version of my lace-up armwarmers to match this scarf. I finished this a few months ago--though as you can see they're not really finished because I was to lazy to weave in the leftover yarn... -_-


Sarah / Blue Garter said...

Hi C,

You're not the first to want to adapt the Axel mitts for a worsted weight yarn, and I think it would add greatly to the pattern's appeal and versatility if it included that substitution. Would you be interested in keeping track of the numbers you use in your version? I'd be delighted to add your notes to the pattern - with credit to you, of course!


Rhoda said...

You write very well.